̄テノ ̄ツᆵ ̄ツ﾿ ̄テᄐ ̄テᄏ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ

 ̄テノ ̄ツᆵ ̄ツ﾿ ̄テᄐ ̄テᄏ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ
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8/10 PG-13

 ̄テノ ̄ツᆵ ̄ツ﾿ ̄テᄐ ̄テᄏ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ Synopsis

¥ᄂᄅ₩ノヘ￧レト ̄チᆰ₩ハタ│ᄀモ ̄ツメ│ᆰヌ ̄ツヒ ̄チフ¥ツᄇ₩ナᄁ ̄チᆰ₩タᄃ₩ᅠᄐ ̄チᅠ ̄チム ̄チフ₩ᆲᅠ￧ツᄍ ̄チᆴ￧ᆬ゙￧ᄉフ¥ᄂヨ￧ᄃム¥フᄏ ̄ツᄍ ̄テニ ̄ツᆪ ̄テᄐ ̄テヨ ̄テᄈ ̄テᄏ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ ̄チᆵ ̄タチ¦ᄌヘ₩ナᆴ ̄チᆴ¦ᄎヒ₩ユナ ̄チᄃ¦ᄌᄀ₩ノヒ ̄チᆴ₩ᄅ゚│テᄑ ̄ツメ¥ᄂᄆ ̄チト ̄タチ￧ᆵノ ̄チト ̄チᆭ ̄チヘ ̄チ゚ ̄ツᆳ ̄テᆪ ̄テᆰ ̄ツᄁ ̄チᆴ¥ナᄄ ̄チᆭ ̄チフ¥ᄡᄅ¥ᆪハ ̄チル ̄ツヒ ̄タツ₩ノヒ ̄チᆴ₩ᄇᄏ￧ルツ ̄チᄄ¥ᄂᄆ ̄ツマ ̄ツフ ̄チ゚¦ᄎᄎ￧ヤ゚ ̄ツメ¥マヨ ̄ツハ₩ネᄏ ̄チル ̄チ゚ ̄ツチ ̄タチ ̄チツ ̄ツノ ̄ツニ ̄ツヒ₩ノヒ₩ᆴᄉ ̄ツメ₩ᄄᄀ￧ᄡᄁ ̄チル ̄ツヒ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ ̄チᆵ ̄タチ ̄ツト ̄チフ ̄チᆭ￧ᆬ゙￧ᄃリ ̄チᆱ₩ᄎタ ̄チᄀ ̄チ゚←ᆳヤ│ᄀモ ̄チᆴ¥ハロ ̄チᄌ ̄チᄄ ̄チ゚ ̄チᄅ ̄ツハ￧ンタ ̄チマ ̄タツ←ᆳヤ│ᄀモ ̄チᆴ¦﾿ᆴ│ᄀフ ̄チᆱ¥ハᄆ ̄ツタ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ ̄チᆵ ̄タチ¥ᄐᄋ¥ᄂᄃ ̄チᆰ₩ユᄉ ̄チᄄ ̄チᆴ₩ネᆭ ̄チト ̄チᆱ¥ᄋᄏ ̄チヘ│ᄒᄐ ̄チᄒ ̄ツフ ̄チᆭ ̄チト ̄チヘ ̄タチ¥フᄏ¥ᄌᆱ ̄チᄄ ̄チラ ̄チᆭ￧ロᄌ₩ノヒ ̄ツメ¥ツᄋ ̄チᄂ ̄チム ̄ツヒ ̄チモ ̄チᄄ ̄チᆱ│ヒᆭ₩ツᄅ ̄チラ ̄タチ¥ᄂヨ￧ᄃム¥フᄏ ̄チᆱ₩ネᄏ ̄ツヒ ̄チヒ₩ワタ¥ᄐᄋ ̄チᆴ←ᆳヤ│ᄀモ¥ᄌᆱ ̄チᄄ ̄チラ ̄チᆭ₩ネᆭ ̄チニ←チモ ̄チᆱ←タᄇ ̄ツタ ̄チヒ ̄チᆴ←チᄌ₩バ ̄ツメ│﾿ᆱ ̄ツノ ̄ツフ ̄ツヒ ̄タツ

Rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and action throughout, and an intense crash sequence

Fan Reviews

by Per Gunnar Jonsson

It is actually quite some time since I watched Doctor Strange but somehow the movie must have slipped between the cracks since I appear to have forgotten to review it. So I am about to remedy that now. To put it in simple terms: This is an excellent movie. It is a ... Read More

 ̄テノ ̄ツᆵ ̄ツ﾿ ̄テᄐ ̄テᄏ ̄ツᄍ ̄テネ ̄テᆲ ̄テᄈ ̄ツᄌ Cast

Chris Hemsworth

Thor Odinson, Thor, Thor (uncredited), Thor Odinson (uncredited)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange / Dormammu, Dr. Stephen Strange

Rachel Mc Adams

Christine Palmer, Dr. Christine Palmer

Mads Mikkelsen


Scott Adkins

Lucian / Strong Zealot

Tilda Swinton

The Ancient One

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